About Us

Nicolas Chocolat is first and foremost the fruits of a deep passion for Brazil, a country of continental size with untold beauties and natural resources that even many of its residents are not fully aware of.

I have lived in Brazil since 2007, but it was not until a trip to Belem in 2019 that I met Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers for the first time, along with the expert manufacturers of the small-scale machines that made this artisanal production possible. Every trip back to Belgium I would already take cocoa pods for my mother to make what she called "chocolate". But from that point on, the cocoa bug had bitten me. There really was no going back.

Production of Nicolas Chocolate started on a very small scale, beginning with a lot of testing in my kitchen, using small machines bought in India. Family, friends and neighbours joined me in those early savouring sessions and were delighted to be a part of the adventure. Before long, at the end of 2019, our first production began and a Christmas line of more than 13 different bars was launched.

Much of the production already had Brazilian touches and, given the countless opportunities Brazil had to offer, it became inconceivable to work with any other types of cocoa. There began the next journey, one of research and meetings with producers and fermentation specialists and, ultimately, the development of unique recipes that ventured far off the beaten track.

With a foot on each continent, our next steps will bring the curiousity and innovative vision of a Belgian to the abundancy of Brazil, marketing them in Europe and bringing a Belgian touch to the production of our 100% Brazilian products.